Mother of Sin

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Mother of Sin

Mother of Sin is a melodical rock/metal band from the north of Holland, formed around former Elegy and Prime Time singer/guitarist Eduard Hovinga.
The combination of great instrumental skills, comlex yet catchy songwriting and strong melodies, makes one think of a fusion between bands like Symphony-X, Elegy, Prime Time, Kamelot and Journey. Abba...
Shortly after the formation in 2003, the band recorded a demo cd containing three tracks. It was very well received and instantly opened doors for the band. Original drummer Koos van der velde was replaced by current drummer Gerry de Graaf. In 2004 MoS signed a record deal with the Italian recordlabel Adrenaline/Steelheart. The band recorded a MoS version of the Anthrax classic - Madhouse - for the 'Tribute to the Glory of 80's Metal' album, as released by Adrenaline/Steelheart.
The band went into the recording studio to record an array of very intensive songs.
In october 2005 the debut cd Apathy, containing 10 tracks, was released. It got very good reviews by international media but the band did not make to the surface of the metal pool. This was partly due to the complicated song structures and the fact that the album was only released in the BeNeLux. The promotion for the album was also lacking.Not long after the release the band fell apart. 

Eduard and Gerry decided to carry the flame onwards and started working on the follow up album Absolution. Together they recorded all of the instruments on the songs. Not able to find a decent record deal they decided to release the album independently in 2010.
Bass player Peter Groen joined the band during this time and with a steady line-up the band started to promote the new album live as much as possible.
In august 2014 a new demo was recorded containing 5 new tracks. It marks the fact that Mother of Sin is at the brink of recording their new album Human Nova.
The band got to play live with some well-known international acts like Symphony-X, Evergrey, Vicious Rumors, Pagans Mind, Joe Stump's Reign of Terror, Hellstar/Distant Thunder and Andromeda.

Arend Baanstraat 98
Rijssen, 7461 DX