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X-Tinxion is a thrash metal formation with its own, distinctive sound. While primarily a
thrash band, X-Tinxion incorporates influences from other genres, blending fast, old-school
thrash-metal riffs with melodic passages to create something truly unique. Edgy solos,
bold drum work, and a tight, on-stage performance blend together with quality songwriting
and smart, witty lyrics that take a hold of you with catchy melodies. Vocally, X-Tinxion goes
above and beyond the female-fronted thrash band, with soaring vocals and a massive
range that alternates from haunting screams to dark grunts and growls to create a sound
that is simultaneously aggressive and melodic. Together, these qualities allow X-Tinxion to
bridge the gap between modern and authentic nostalgic thrash.

X-Tinxion plays tight, energetic live shows, and often shares the stage with great bands
like: Heathen, Channel Zero, The Charm The Fury, Benedictum, Nuclear Assault, Flesh
Made Sin, Thanatos, Stormrider, Eminence (ex-Sepeltura), Perzonal War, The Gathering,
Udo, Vengeance, Detonation, Bliksem, Izegrim, Evil Invaders and Drone.

The early days: 2003-2006

(Stefan Geel, Conrad Hultermans, Frans Swaters, Paul van Son, Peter van Toren)

In the year 2003, drummer Peter van Toren (Hidden Remains, A new Dawn, Downcast
Collision) is aiming to form an old-school thrash-metal band. Wanting to pay honor to
the music he loves most. Having found good thrash-metal to nearly become extinct, he
defiantly names the band X-Tinxion.

Soon after completing the line-up with lead-guitarist Conrad Hultermans (666 The
Nightmare, 5150Van Halen Tribute, Deathriders), rhythm guitarist Frans Swaters
(Stigma, Suicide Attack) and bassist Paul
van Son (Suicide Attack), in 2004, XTinxion
starts writing songs and playing
live shows. The demo CD “Twisting
The Knife” is created and released
that same year. On the demo CD,
live tracks are included of the band’s
second performance in their hometown
Dordrecht. Twiting The Knife gets some
good reviews, which gets X-Tinxion to play
some cool gigs in, including opening for 
Nuclear Assault in May 2005. 

However, Peter starts feeling unhappy with the very Hardcore punk oriented vocal styles of
Stefan Geel, craving the more authentic Thrash-Metal sound. After stumbling upon a show
by Progressive Power-thrash band “Imp” in 2006, singer Monica Janssen (Imp, A New
Dawn, Downcast Collision) is asked to audition, the band having been overwhelmed by her
vocal capacities. Monica decides to join the band in September that year.

The old school: 2006-2008
(Monica Janssen, Conrad Hultermans, Frans Swaters, Paul van Son, Peter van Toren)
After recruiting Monica Janssen as the new singer, X-Tinxion feels it needs to re-record
their first “Twisting The Knife” demo, incorporating the new vocalist. The band releases the
promo CD shortly after. The group starts writing new material and gets great reviews of
live-performances. The new vocalist and lyricist, adds a more thrash-metal oriented sound
to the vocal styles, but also includes grunts, screams and melodic passages, which carries
the feel of the songs into the modern age, while staying true to the nostalgic of thrash.
After roughly a year and a half of song-writing, X-Tinxion feels it’s time for another release
to present their new found sound to the audience. The band contacts Hans Pieters, of the
renowned Excess Studio’s, Rotterdam. Also responsible for recording sessions with bands
like Gorefest and After Forever. During the recording sessions in 2008, X-Tinxion decides
to part with bass-player Paul van Son.

The battle of changes: 2008-2011
(Monica Janssen, Conrad Hultermans, Frans Swaters, Mischa van Rodijnen, Peter van
It takes X-Tinxion a while to find a new bass-player. Through Michael Reijpert, (roadie for
Epica at the time, who had met Monica and Peter through the music-scene) Mischa van
Rodijnen is found. Now they can’t wait finish their MCD “Act The Injured Innocent”, which
comes out in 2010. X-Tinxion gets high praise on its MCD, especially in the demo-section
of the Dutch magazine Aardschok, by critic Robert Haargsma, who’s final comment is;
“Who is going to sign this band? “.
It is a very successful year for X-Tinxion.
Right after getting through to the
finals of the Wacken Battle NL, rhythm
guitarist and song-writer Frans Swaters
decides to leave the band, to spend more
time with his family and his other band.
X-Tinxion still plays a hell of a show on
May 8th and wins the NL Wacken Battle.
Frans Swaters plays his last show with
the band on the Wacken Wet Stage in
August 2011.

Guitarist Fabian Verweij (Disquiet),
replaces Frans Swaters for a while, but after a few months, they part again as friends.
This makes bassist Mischa decide to leave as well, leaving Peter, Conrad and Monica with
a crucial decision to make: carry on making music as X-Tinxion, or quit. So, shortly after
having experienced playing at Wacken Open Air and loving it, X-Tixion is forced to re-invent
itself and successfully does so.

Years of development: 2011-2015

(Monica Janssen, Conrad Hultermans, Sepp Coeck, Haico van Oosten, Peter van Toren)
During the opening gig for Channel Zero, December 2011, an old Belgian friend comes
to see the show. The multi-talented mister Sepp Coeck. (Grimlock, FireForce, Encrypted).
Conrad, Peter and Monica, have already set their minds to keeping the flame of X-Tinxion
burning high. They decide to ask Sepp to audition as a rhythm guitarist. Having been
friends for a long time, all the pieces start fitting as Sepp joins the band. The new X-Tinxion
begins writing music together for the first time.
After completing the line-up with Haico van Oosten (When All life Ends) in 2012, X-Tinxion
is ready for action again. Having matured and uncovering new song-writing skills, Monica,
Conrad, Sepp, Haico and Peter take a more adventurous turn musically. The songs get
more melodic and they flirt with other music styles and influences. Though keeping the
thrash-metal sound, X-Tinxion is now showing more colors and variations to the theme,
both musically and vocally. Having written all this new material, the band starts thinking of
finally creating a long-desired full-length album.

Serge Naberman (Rebelstar, Plus support Najib Amhali) of Claim To Fame studios, turns
out to be the right man for the job. X-Tinxion plans to take it slow and write a couple more
songs before entering the studio. However, the band still feels, it needs to give its audience
a sign that it is still very much alive and kicking.

So, almost as a symbol of transcendence, the
first song that the new X-Tinxion had written
together; “The Divine”, is recorded and mixed,
to showcase the re-invented X-Tinxion to the
fans. It appears in a demo version on the
compilation album “Perseverance 2013” of
bands performing at MOO festival, released
by Malevolence Records.

Along the way, X-Tinxion comes into contact with Sander Gommans (After Forever,
HDK) and his work for “The Rock Station”. Having fallen in love with X-Tinxion’s music,
Sander points the band into the right direction. Presented on recommendation of
Sander Gommans, X-Tixnion releases the Maxi-single “Severed from Heaven” March
2015. The single is meant to be a prelude, to “From the Ashes of Eden”. The song “The
Divine” appears on the single as a second track. This time, featuring George Oosthoek
(Orphanage, Pleurisy, Doghouse Gallows, Celestial Season) as an additional vocalist.

On March 2015 X-Tinxion headlines a show to present their “Severed From Heaven” maxisingle
and record a live DVD at the same time. George Oosthoek is special guest during
the performing of the song “The Divine”, of which a live video is released June 2015.


(Monica Janssen, Conrad Hultermans, Sepp Coeck, Kornee Kleefman, Peter van Toren)
X-Tinxion parts with Haico van Oosten due to musical differences.
Kornee Kleefman (Krossbreed), is welcomed as a temporary replacement, so X-Tinxion
can keep continuing to thrash the stage, as well as finish their upcoming album.
The new X-Tinxion album “From The Ashes Of Eden” is due to be released 2015.

Arend Baanstraat 98
Rijssen, 7461 DX